A little bit about me...
First of all, my name is Joseph Hoareau, or just Joey for short. I'm known as a versatile swiss army knife of design who specialises in various creative and technical practices and has a strong desire for in-depth, tailored design projects.
I graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Media; majoring in Digital Design and specialising in Graphic Design. Afterwards, I started my own freelance identity, RoboJoey, while taking on roles in the private and public sector as a Graphic Designer. My brand has continued to grow during my journey alongside my own skills and techniques as a designer, illustrator and animator. As design trends come and go, I continue to adapt, evolve and keep up-to-date in this ever-changing world.
Working in this competitive and creative industry challenged me to expand my skills in a multitude of directions, allowing me to also tap into areas of motion design, video editing, UI/UX design, HTML & CSS, copyrighting and so much more. Although, digital/graphic design, illustration and animation continues to be my greatest passion. 
One of the things I love most in my profession is the ability to find creative and inventive ways to tackle new projects!